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How to Have Fun Writing a Cover Letter


by alliblum:

There’s nothing like interning at a startup. At a startup, you get the opportunity to see what it’s like to work in a number of different roles. You might be a marketing major, but you can see what it’s like to do product development. You might be a copywriter, but you might fall in love with design. And because the business is new and both people and resources are in short supply, everything matters—even, and sometimes especially, the work of an intern.

I get to recruit, hire, and manage the interns at United By Blue, and it’s a pretty cool responsibility. Every semester we work with another group of excited students and recent grads, and every semester I’m blown away by the contributions of our interns. 

I also read a lot of cover letters. A lot of cover letters. From all of my extensive reading, I’ve concluded that there are two categories of cover letters.

Category A: Cover letters that are written by people who hate writing cover letters.

Category B: Cover letters that are written by people who are so excited about the opportunity that they forgotten how boring writing a cover letter can be.

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